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Layin’ Pipe (wakka chicka)

So about three years ago we had a wet spot appear on a wall. I busted out the bottom third and found an 88 year old leaking galvanized pipe, which we had repaired with a simple rubber membrane clamped to the rusted area. Finally, we had the money to fix it properly, and had all the piping replaced to the second floor, which was sorely needed. Now, we are having the drywall hung and hope to be back to “normal” soon! Of course, project creep is happening and I think I’m going to throw more money at this and do the walls, counters, and floor in one (semi protracted) fell swoop. The plumbers accidentally trashed our linoleum flooring, so they will replace it for us when we’re ready. This makes the decision to redo everything else easier. Our official motto is “fuck it”.

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