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Sometimes my arms bend back

The cat days of Summer

Ooof, hot enough for ya? It’s been a busy and fun Summer so far – here’s a very brief recap!

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Countdown to Wonderfest

Only a couple weeks until the big show! The blimp is done, and some of the pressure is off… but of course, I’m trying to finish a couple of other things. Meanwhile, cats!

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Chair rail-pocalypse-ageddon!

Weekend of industriousness soon to be followed even … more… oof. Did I mention that, like John McCain, I can’t raise my arms above my shoulders/head? I painted the ceiling in the dining room, and all sorts of muscles, apparently dormant, got a workout! Installed the chair rail with the help of Lisa, and sanded everything smooth. I feel the burn. It’s good.

More later, as I paint the touch ups on the wall color, and paint the trim.

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