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Day Eight & Nine – Cantas & Auch

On April 14th we had a lunch party that Dad and Angela threw, that lasted about seven hours (hah!). We met many of their friends, one of which was pretty special in a “blow my mind from my interests which started 26 years ago” kind of way.  You guys know how much The Cure meant to me as a teenager,  so imagine the insane concept of having lunch with Boris Williams, the Cure’s drummer from 1984 to 1993 (and inarguably their best drummer ever). Going into “Jason Eaton at the Lucasfilm Archives” mode, I internalized my screaming teenage girl-ness and was a rational adult human. Boris and his wife are a delight, and we all had a great relaxing day. At some point we took a nature walk for a couple of hours, and I chatted with Jake, a seventeen year old who is currently in music school, and who also is thinking of getting his pilot’s license for small aircraft – so who says being a teen in the Gers has to be a drag! During the walk at some point, conversation did drift to The Cure with Boris and I, and he was very gracious to share some memories about touring, the recording process, and how the “scene” was in the 80s. Damn fine day.

On April 15th we traveled to the ancient city of Auch to see the Renaissance era Cathédrale Sainte-Marie, and the statue of d’Artagnan!

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