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Day Five & Six – The Gers

Thursday April 11th saw us traveling by high speed train from Montparnasse to Agen, to meet my dad and Angela. I had not seen my dad in ten years, so it was a bit surreal. Last time we had steady contact, I was young and rebellious. Now we’re both grown men, and it was familiar yet strange at first. But we both quickly settled into a good dynamic, riffing on each other and reminiscing about old times. Dad and Angela live in the Gers, the little-publicized but gorgeous “bread basket” of France, in the Midi-Pyrénées. He jokes that it is the “West Virginia of France”, which isn’t far off. Instead of rednecks, there are humble farmers. It’s a pretty damn gorgeous place to live. After lunch in Agen, we went grocery shopping and settled in for the evening at their home in Larroque-Saint-Sernin. It was Lisa’s birthday, and we celebrated with a delicious home cooked meal of Magret de Canard, potatoes cooked in duck fat, home made chocolate mousse, Quince Cake…. it was a lovely evening!

A note – Magret de Canard is the breast meat of a duck that was force-fed to produce foie gras, and is probably unobtainable outside of France? It almost has a beef flavor and the breasts are extremely thick – it was like a delicious steak!

On Friday, we traveled to Lectoure, La Romieu, Condom, Larrisingle, and saw some deer in Cassaigne. See below!

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