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Blue One – the very first X-Wing fighter

This one is pretty dear to my super-nerd heart. It’s the only replica any one has made of the very very first X-Wing prop that was made by ILM in December of 1975, as “Project 504”. According to the original spreadsheet detailing the ILM projects in late 1975, thsi X-Wing appears to have been built by Lorne Peterson, Steve Gawley, and Grant McCune, who recently passed away (and the original model of this particular prop was the one shown in McCune’s hands in the Oscar tribute photo that was shown recently). It is unique for a couple of reasons – the livery is blue, as the original script/story called for “Blue Squadron”, but camera tests showed that this color was too problematic for the blue screen compositing, so they switched it to red. The “hero” X-Wings (of which there were probably 4 made) had metal armatures and extendable wings, a resin top fuselage and a vacuum-formed plastic lower hull. Since this was the first built, the scribed “panel lines” were wildly different than all the others, as well as the engines, “burner cans” and some other detailing. It also did not have an “Artoo” in the top mount hole, nor a cockpit or pilot. This model was sent to Elstree in England the day after Christmas along with the unfinished “Red” Y-Wing, and both were used by the studio to build the full-sized wooden mock ups that you see the actors interact with. When it was sent back, the blue was painted over, a cockpit/pilot and artoo were added, and this model is now known as “Red 2”. This was also unique in that it featured a TON of decals all over the surface. I spent the last year recreating these markings (and a bunch of other studio scale subjects) in Illustrator, and had a company in California silkscreen a run of real waterslide decals, so now people who make this weird niche shit can have decals when they need ’em. I’d like to personally thank a few individuals who helped along the way – Mike Salzo, Gene Kozicki, Kevin Witte, and a few others whom I’m always indebted to! So there ya go – Blue One, the very first X-Wing fighter.

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