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Blade Runner guns I have made

Ahhh Deckard’s gun. The PKD. The Doppelganger kit. Many versions, many revisions, and many many models built. No one was completely sure what it looked like. People argued about it, claimed to have insider information about the blaster and other various props, and there at one time was so much drama that the phrase “Blade Runner Mafia” was coined.

The elusive and mysterious blaster design that, until about two years ago, was missing in action and presumed to be in the hands of a private collector that would never let it go. Most people assumed Ridley Scott had it, and was never going to admit it (due to British gun laws, etc), and over the years it became one of the most enigmatic and romantic of all prop replicas. But that all changed in an instant when my friend Karl Tate shook the pillars of HEAVEN ITSELF when he saw the original prop on display at “Worldcon”. Pics were posted. Kit were remodified and rekagiggered. And one year later, the original Deckard Blaster sold at auction for a TON of money.

But before all that, we made kits. People wanted all sorts of crazy variations. Here are some that I made… I believe I made over 27. I lost count at some point.

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