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Random stuff

A movie with Sebastian the cat, who loved jumping for his stick, circa 1999.

In 1999, I found the rarest POTF2 figure and opened it. The internet was outraged that day, lol.

In 2003, I had an Indiana Jones 16 foot kangaroo whip. I loved cracking it.




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Blasts from my past

This is a collection of photos showing things I made from the pre-digital era, from the late 1970s to about 1999.

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Maschinen Krieger Lunadiver Stingray 1/20th builds

In 2008, I created a master pattern for the Lunadiver Stingray, which you can see here. The instruction guide is in pdf form, and chronicles the first build which I gave to Lincoln Wright to paint for Wonderfestival 2009. His paint work was wonderful and defined the way many would paint the Lunadiver models going forward. Download the guide here. Here are photographs of the models I made from my castings.


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