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Thanks, 2012!

Another year has passed us by, and I’m glad. It was a year of ups and downs, like any other year. I lost my best friend Simon (be aware that link will destroy you emotionally. You’re welcome), but I experienced more than my fair share of happiness. I decided to put a thirteen year hobby to rest, and stop building Maschinen Krieger for myself, to allow more free time for other subject matter, and though it’s bittersweet in a way, I’m at peace with the decision. Here’s what I’m thankful for, 2012 edition:

• My wife Lisa. I start and end almost every day with the most patient, sexy, kind, and smart woman in my life. Many auditioned for this role (wakka wakka), but all pale in comparison to her. I could be across the Country, living it up with friends in LA, and I still miss her terribly.

• Our cats Coco and Gordon. Losing Simon still brings me to tears if I think about it for longer than this sentencence (whew that was close!), and I feel a little guilty how Coco and Gordon came out of their shells after Simon had died (like Simon was a secret tyrant?), but I really do love our furry kids. Coco has been a challenge (we have a special needs cat on Prozac, how very post-millennial) and Gordon is still a young asshole male cat, but I will smother them with hugs – that is, if I can catch them.

• Friends and family. I started the year with an epic friend-athon in Los Angeles (check January’s archives) and ended the year with Holiday Familyathon (Tom and Jane, you are family now – woo woo!). Fitting and perfect. You collectively know how much of a cock I can be, but here you are, still in my life. Suckers.

• Skills, yo. My freelance is still on an upward trajectory, I’m still learning that it’s OKAY TO SAY NO to business if I have too much on my plate, and I perpetually have too much on my plate. I am thankful – INCREDIBLY thankful that I have a hobby and skillset I both enjoy and grow.

• Food, Bourbon, and Scotch. It sounds horribly first world to say this, but I am thankful for the overabundance of amazing food and drink in my life. I love to cook, and doors have opened, palates have refined, brains have been educated, and habits shifting. I don’t have any soda in the house – save for the club soda I make and drink. And the booze, wow – who knew my natural predilection for collecting and obtaining rare expensive things woudl pertain to booze SAID NO ONE. I am what I am. It was Star Wars toys, then records, then model kits, and now fun hard to get Bourbon and Scotch. At least we can drink the collection away, right? So come over and help. (caveat – not an alcoholic, so don’t think you’re getting a lot in some drink-a-thon, bub.)

• This house. It didn’t suck thousands from us like it did in 2010 and 2011, so we can take a trip to France in a couple of months! YEAAAAH. (Wait – what’s that sound? Did you hear that? That sounds expensive! SHH! The house can HEAR you!).

• My camera! I upgraded to a m43 system, and boy howdy does it rock. Took the pic below!

• Louis CK. We’re leaving to see Louis CK right now, after dinner at the Helmand. Ringing in this new year with good food and laughter. See you all next year!


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The Food Market

Lisa and I are enjoying our week off – we had an amazing evening at The Food Market in Hampden, and are currently basking in the afterglow.

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What did I do In November?

Click the pictures and find out.

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