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U.D.K.38 Schenkel

This is the final gallery for the U.D.K.38 Schenkel, built from an absolutely masterful kit from Eddy Murao, a famous Japanese Maschinen Krieger modeler. In order to safely support the weight of the upper body, I hand made each leg from brass tubing that I silver soldered together. It was a lot of extra work, but really worth it. The kit was further modified by scratch building the radar dishes, and adding the laser weapons (with a lasercut mount) to make the “Jungle” configuration. To further add texture, I draped tattered netting with foliage to set the mood.

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Today we spent some time trying to get good photos with Gordon, who was in a spastic mood. Later, we had lunch in Severna Park for Gram’s birthday! Congrats once again to Jonathan and Bekah, who are getting married next year! YEAH!

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Spent a stellar evening at Vin 909 in Annapolis with Alex Manfredona, Morgan Smith, and Andrew Deimel. Alex owns and operates this amazing wine café in the heart of Eastport in Annapolis, and the food was top notch. Andrew and I have been getting into the wide world of whiskey and scotch in our late 30s, and we swapped some liquor. He blew me away with 24 sample bottles!! I am excited to try each one, and discover some new loves. Talking with the guys until late on a Tuesday evening was a pure joy, and it was really wonderful to know we can fall into easy and enthusiastic conversations after years of not seeing one another, like in the case of Morgan and myself. Glad you guys are in my life, and thanks again for a great evening, fellas!!

Also, last night I made a crazy delicious simple dinner of marinated chicken (Cambodian style, then grilled) and salad. The new camera is allowing me to take some amazing photographs!!

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