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Blade Runner Blimp finally gets it’s act together

Last night I finally hooked everything up to the various boards in the blimp. The two video screens and light board are now all active! BEHOLD. 

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Then and Now

Anthony came to Annapolis this evening… and you all know what that means!

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The Blimp gets it’s winkie blinkies!

I received the amazing light/servo package from Lightbenders today, and started back in on the Blade Runner Offworld Blimp with a vengeance!

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Abbey … normal.

We celebrated getting our taxes done by eating at Abbey’s Burger Bistro this evening. The weather is beautiful, the food was delicious, and we’re getting a refund in a profitable year!

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Maschinen Krieger Camel in 1/20th scale – resurrecting a build from a looong time ago.

I started on this on 2.17.2007, set it aside as commission work came in, and recently got the bug to finish!

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