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1/20th scale Moon Diorama

A 1/20th scale Maschinen Krieger Lunar Diorama I made over the past year, for a client.

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Halloween night

Well, Halloween was fun as always, though we did miss the Wynn’s, who traditionally spend the evening with us. We passed out candy, and I made chili the night before, which we ate with the neighbors!

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Blade Runner Blimp, Red Leader Y-Wing

Work is progressing nicely and is starting to intensify on the Blade Runner Blimp project. I have the bodies built with armatures installed, and am currently sanding and puttying the seams smooth. Also working closely with Lightbenders on an amazing light rig that will feature some killer electronic bells and whistles… a custom searchlight is being created for me – each blimp has four roving searchlights underneath controlled by motors!

I also received the Red Leader Y-Wing, which is the twin to the Blue 1 X-Wing, as it was also the first-built example of this particular ship, in December 1975! It was created by a team of very talented individuals and I am honored to be building the first one, as it will also allow me to generate instructions and produce beauty shots! More to come on both of these monsters, soon!

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