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1/72nd 31″ Nautilus Submarine from 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea

Here’s a model I made about six years ago, for a client. It’s from a set of parts mastered by the very talented Scott Brodeen, which eventually became the Master Replicas Nautilus. My version had lights, a motorized propeller, and a sound card that looped the eerie engine noises. Click here for the video! Here’s another one on Youtube.

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Saint Mary’s High School Reunion – the Class of 1991™

Last night was pretty mind blowing. Thanks to the tireless and Herculean efforts of Joanna, the 20th reunion of my high school’s graduating class rocked! It’s a pretty surreal thing to attend – you spend (at least) four years of your everyday lives with a group of people for the majority of your waking hours and the majority of your week, and then suddenly everyone scatters to the winds. To reconvene twenty years later  is a head trip. Some people look so unchanged, you’d swear there is a self-portrait aging in their attic at home. Some look so different it takes your brain a moment to remember them. And there was one in particular that had us all agog at how drop-dead gorgeous she was. If you didn’t attend, you’ll have to ask someone who did. It was a personal evolution worthy of a movie.

I have to say, I was a bit hesitant, a bit nervous, and a bit weirded out about the whole thing, but I’m so glad I went. My wife, the ever-patient and hilarious Lisa, offered to drive so that I could get drunk if I wanted to, and for the first time in a long time, I got drunk. I loathe feeling hung over, so I drank a metric fuckton of water in the afternoon, and that coupled with our 11pm diner food after we took our leave, saved me from feeling like “ass” today. So thanks to water, grease, Greek salads, and pickles, I am able to post this entry without avoiding the light streaming through the windows, or not being able to function as the neighbor mows his lawn. But enough about all this crap – you’ve come here for the pictures, right? I didn’t take as many as I had wanted to – it was dark, we were too busy socializing, and a lot of the pictures suffered from low-light shaky hands. I try to avoid taking pics with a flash, but Lisa took the last one – our 2011 class portrait.

It was great to see every one. Hope to do it again in another 20 years, when we have hover cars and live in bubble domes.

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Accutron Spaceview B Yellow Dot!!

I finally received the watch of my dreams. The 1963 Accutron “Spaceview” Yellow Dot “B” model. For more info if you are interested, click here!

Fun fact – they keep time with tuning forks, so there’s no ticking – you can literally hear the watch hum. Accutron timing equipment was even used in the Apollo program, and is still up there on the moon!

Hellllooooo nostalgia for mod designs and the Space Race!

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