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Hoth Hunting Trophy

When my friend brought a gigantic AT-AT to Wonderfest last year, an idea popped into my head. Sure, I’d LOVE to build the whole thing, but I didn’t have that much room… but a head mounted to a trophy plaque, like a stuffed Deer face? Hell yes. So I did the only thing I could… turned a casting of the head into a Hunting Trophy! Final pretty gallery-style pics soon!

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Drinking time

Lisa and I finally cracked open the 31 year old bottle of Whiskey we were given by her Grandmother. It was DELICIOUS.

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Vacation weekend!

We just spent a great extended weekend in a remote location on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, about an hour south of Cambridge… no cell or internet connection. Just a relaxing time with family, food, and iBooks!

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New car weekend™

We got a new car! 2011 Subaru Outback, $2,500 under retail, with the spiffy All Weather Package! Will probably replace the headunit in a few months with iPhone/bluetooth/nav features, and save $$ by not going factory-standard. Can I admit that cranking the AC, with power seat/lumbar support with seats set to “inferno” is AMAZING even in August? I think I can. The funny thing is, the payments are less than I had paid on my much cheaper 2004 Mazda3, and the Outback gets better gas mileage. We also learned our credit scores, and Lisa beat me again – by a very narrow margin, AGAIN. She almost got literally perfect credit, dammit. I was up there though! But that let us get the lowest APR (2.9%) so this car will be cake to pay off! Also – it’s protected literally bumper to bumper with FREE roadside assistance for the next SEVEN years. Crazy.


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Captain Needa’s Shuttle from The Empire Strikes Back

This is one of those rare instances where I was able to make things up within the “world of Star Wars” as I built a studio scale model, trying to think of how ILM would have constructed a riff on their TIE Bomber model. It all started when a discussion sprung up among friends about which models from the original Star Wars trilogy were left to document and build. Someone mentioned Needa’s Shuttle, which I must admit I didn’t even remember seeing. You see, about one hour and ten minutes into The Empire Strikes Back, we catch a glimpse of Captain Needa’s shuttle exiting a Star Destroyer and rocketing over to Vader’s Super Star Destroyer. It occurs between Yoda’s “That is why you fail” line and Vader’s “Apology accepted, Captain Needa” line. Most model fans agree that it was most likely the TIE Bomber model, with it’s wings flipped around (so that the angled outwards), but the resolution is so poor and the model is so small against the screen, it could be anything. The ever-well-connected-and-talented Gene Kozicki unearthed a storyboard that showed the Bomber model-esque configuration, which supports the theory. So as a fun exercise, a group of us (led by Gene) decided it would be fun to make our own shuttle models as a creative exercise. I got a little carried away…

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Special guest star Futch!

Last night we had an impromptu dinner with Futch, Vera, and their kids! Futch is a Maschinen Krieger luminary, best known for his amazing Falke and Firefly kits (his website is here), and the gang is currently traveling around the East Coast, seeing the sights! We were initially going to show them around a little bit of Baltimore and get some food, but traffic delayed their arrival, and we ended up doing something much better – relaxing and eating home made Cambodian Chicken!

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