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Hot Pot part II and ICE CREAM

The next day I repurposed the leftovers as we didn’t have a lot of broth left, so the hot pot contents became more of a noodle dish, and I added in some carrot and green beans, cooked in a little mirin and soy sauce. The next day, Lisa made Maple Bacon Ice Cream. Let me say that again. Maple. Bacon. Ice Cream. I bought an Ice Cream attachment for the Kitchenaid stand mixer, and she is just making some crazy good stuff. Pics of the ice cream soon…

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Hot pot… is HOT!

I made a Northern Chinese-ish Hotpot soup … “thing” tonight. Besides all the spices and chili oil and what looks like a whole nutmeg (I got a pre-packaged scary looking envelope of this stuff from the Chinese market), I added carrot, sweet potato, spring onions, ginger slices, crushed garlic cloves, and in each bowl a small puddle of mirin/soy sauce/lime juice. I can see through time!

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Springtime and food

Traditionally, this time of year is super busy, as I am gearing up for Wonderfest, which is only a few weeks away! But you gotta make room to eat, right?

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God I love Cap Electrical. After a YEAR and four different electricians in the area, we finally found someone who would actually remove our old broken whole house fan and install a sexy new model. Fun facts about the old fan? It was held in with only four 1″ wood screws, one of which was free-spinning in a hole, not doing much of anything. It was also “shimmed” in place with CARDBOARD. Goddamn I hate the old owners of our house. They all did lazy half-assed repairs and installs.

Well, onto better days, now. We are prepared for the Spring with a new quieter more-powerful less-likely-to-burst-into-flames fan! Aslo, a few photos from 2003 that I never uploaded…


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Battlestar Galactica Antique Viper Kit – the build!

This is the build diary for the Antique Viper that I patterned for Mike Salzo. He molded and cast the parts in an incredibly short time, and the quality of the castings are magnificent – I highly recommend you get one! This post will be updated as I work on the build, so check back often!

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