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So we’re fast approaching March 6th, the one year anniversary of when we got Gordon. Here is a look back at Gordon’s first year with us!

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Maschinen Krieger Tornado – Winter Version

This is the 1/20th scale Rainbow Egg kit of the Tornado, Designed by Kow Yokoyama, as seen in the mid 1980s in SF3D articles published by Hobby Japan. Made from resin, wires, and tubing, the Tornado is a funky design, not often seen in Maschinen Krieger collections. This was a lot of fun to make, as I modified it to be a “Winter version” of the Tornado!

Instead of the original gun, I have placed two missile tubes on the chassis, and added a “bump out” behind the pilot’s seat. The engine area was faired over, and a custom pilot has been added in place of the original kit’s pilot. This figure is a mix of resin (head from Wonderfestival), styrene, and Apoxie Sculpt.

Skis were added to the bottom of the brass bumpers on the sides, a dial from a larger scale motorcycle kit was placed on the steering stem, and the entire model was painted in a low visibility splinter scheme. I nicked some decals from other Maschinen Krieger models, as well!

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So right after the holidays, I sent two big boxes of meats, cheeses, liquor, and general snackiness to two of the most wonderful families in Japan – the Yokoyama and the Wright clan! Imagine how psyched I was to see something similar on our porch this evening when we came home from work! It was a rough day – we got another snowstorm, and my back is killing me from shoveling the heavy wet icy stuff this morning, since work wasn’t closed. Inside? Well, Ma.K. kits! Wonderfestival kits! This amazing chocolate covered potato chip snack with TWO variants – Blanc Fromage and Caramel!! Amazing capsule toys and Blyth-sized accessories! This was an amazing gift that turned our day around! Lisa and I are so grateful to know such wonderful people! Thank you!!

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Spinner kit from Japan!

Many thanks to Koara for helping me get this AMAZING kit!

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The prop room and new acquisitions

Lisa and I had the pleasure of seeing Sean Sides this past Friday, so what better excuse to clean the house? Prop room got straightened up, and I added a new object of nerdliness – the Tomenosuke Pro Blade Runner gun, which is perhaps the best representation of the blaster yet!!

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Food and cold and junk

Mmm Phở. Lisa and I went to Phở Dat Thanh recently, and as usual, were absolutely thrilled and sated by the Phở. I got my usual flank and Lisa got the PIG KNUCKLE Phở. I didn’t take a picture of hers, sadly. I then made some Chicken Kebabs using the spice mix that House of Kabob sells, with some additional Fenugreek because that is how I roll. Happily, I have discovered better techniques and timing/heat using the cast iron skillet, so they taste like they were made on the grill! Roasted veggies, too. Also, it’s cold outside and my car window is filthy.

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Maschinen Krieger Gucker – Work in Progress

This is a work in progress Maschinen Krieger Gucker model I have cobbled together from various parts I’ve had “in progress” since 2001. You see, ten years ago, I was in the worst place in my life as my previous marriage was falling apart, and I turned to the model bench whenever I could, because it was a “safe place”. This was good for the soul and bad for the models, heh. I had started a Gucker, a Raptor, and a Fireball SG – all original issue resin/styrene Model Kasten models, but none were finished. I didn’t have the skill set I do now, nor was I ever able to complete anything because my life was becoming ever increasingly fractured and eventually I found myself displaced from my home entirely – an impossible environment to be productive in. Well, thankfully time heals all wounds, but it sure doesn’t make a bad model good!

So I boxed all of my works in progress, and picked myself back up. New models were made as my skill set grew, and the modest box of “in progress” things moved with me from place to place over the next couple of years. I then met Lisa and my life changed to perfect, and when we eventually bought a house, the box of bits hibernated in the basement until this past month. Since I like to work on about 100 things at a time (only a slight exaggeration), I decided I could resurrect these poor poor fellas and get them up to snuff in between the big projects for clients. It’s how I build most of “my” models these days.

So first up is the Gucker. First off I noticed how poorly I had sculpted the joint covers, using that crumbly Milliput stuff. Once Aves Apoxie Sculpt was invented, I never looked back. So hacked all that stuff away, and resculpted the joints. Next up, scratch building the parts I somehow lost along the way, which mainly consisted of the back engine cover and front side sensor. I luckily had a back engine cover from a WF kit, so I pilfered that piece, and the sensor was scratch built. I then cleaned up the seam lines and contours that were crude, especially around the side bump outs that covered the windows. More will be posted as I get the time!

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