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Snow Day!

We had the day off of work today – I think everyone did… the snow that fell has paralyzed Baltimore for the day, so we got up, dug out, and are now relaxing our broken brittle backs!

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Blade Runner guns I have made

Ahhh Deckard’s gun. The PKD. The Doppelganger kit. Many versions, many revisions, and many many models built. No one was completely sure what it looked like. People argued about it, claimed to have insider information about the blaster and other various props, and there at one time was so much drama that the phrase “Blade Runner Mafia” was coined.

The elusive and mysterious blaster design that, until about two years ago, was missing in action and presumed to be in the hands of a private collector that would never let it go. Most people assumed Ridley Scott had it, and was never going to admit it (due to British gun laws, etc), and over the years it became one of the most enigmatic and romantic of all prop replicas. But that all changed in an instant when my friend Karl Tate shook the pillars of HEAVEN ITSELF when he saw the original prop on display at “Worldcon”. Pics were posted. Kit were remodified and rekagiggered. And one year later, the original Deckard Blaster sold at auction for a TON of money.

But before all that, we made kits. People wanted all sorts of crazy variations. Here are some that I made… I believe I made over 27. I lost count at some point.

Please also see Karl’s post.

and Jason’s post.

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Lost in Space figures

Here are some Lost in Space figures I painted up a couple of years ago – they are of the “in stasis” variety.

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We got our new couches on Saturday! So far, the cats are afraid of them, which I think is a good thing. Lisa put blankets down to ease their sorrow – hopefully they will be protected when we are at work!

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Gettysburg Pt.II and Painting

We awoke the 2nd day in Gettyburg to an awesome breakfast, before heading out to the Gettysburg museum, which was absolutely top notch. It included a film and presentation of the Cyclorama, which was an astounding 365º panoramic oil painting depicting the battle (Pickett’s Charge, if I recall correctly). The rest of the week was spent finishing up the painting and shoe molding installation, which was done quickly and AWESOMELY with a pneumatic nail gun. I am hanging the last of the photos now, and we will soon install a lowboy/credenza, completing the room! We also accept delivery of new couches tomorrow, so the cats have been given “Soft Paws” in an attempt to preserve the furniture.

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Painting and Gettysburg

I baked some amazing Shepherds Pies last week! Painting of the room continues and I take a short (well needed) break to celebrate Lisa’s father’s birthday in Gettysburg PA. We spent the first day exploring the town, eating at a couple of delightful restaurants, and taking a ghost tour. We explored a haunted covered bridge and the carriage house behind the B&B we stayed in, which served as a hospital during the Battle of Gettysburg, one of the more violent and massive battles of the Civil War. Approximately 52,000 men on either side were killed, wounded, or missing. The front two rooms of this house were the main operating theaters, and tables were placed at the foot of every window. The windows were removed, so that amputated limbs could be tossed outside into large piles. These piles were collected at the end of each day, and all were buried in a pit out back.

These are the kinds of things I take away from tour guides. I hope you have enjoyed this anecdote!

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Chair rail-pocalypse-ageddon!

Weekend of industriousness soon to be followed even … more… oof. Did I mention that, like John McCain, I can’t raise my arms above my shoulders/head? I painted the ceiling in the dining room, and all sorts of muscles, apparently dormant, got a workout! Installed the chair rail with the help of Lisa, and sanded everything smooth. I feel the burn. It’s good.

More later, as I paint the touch ups on the wall color, and paint the trim.

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Happy 2011!

Hi gang, happy new year! We had a wonderful holiday, with the Bailers, the Eatons, and the Wynns. For Christmas dinner, we ate like kings at Bombay Nights in White Marsh (a tradition we have to attend a restaurant with Tom and Jane, after the family gatherings), and a week later celebrated the New Year and Jane’s birthday at our house! I made dinner, we drank delicious Lambic, and watched the ball drop. As usual, the neighborhood erupted with fireworks.

Here’s a short video.

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