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The Roof is done!!

They’re done! New roof!

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Tornado figures

Tornado number one is almost done, and the figure for number two is underway!

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Good lord the house sounds like it’s blowing apart. This is pretty cool.

I am now awake.

Shadow of the work

Blue tarp!!

Front Yard Shenanigans

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New Roof Week

This week we get our roof! They start tomorrow with the tear down, and should be done on Saturday. Very excited. In other news, I got my combined flu shot, saw some feral cats on the way back to the office (one of which was sniffing a dead bird on a grate), won a game of Carcassonne with the guys at work AND the super-evil AI, and almost finished the tiny Fine Molds Snowspeeder!

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Ohhh Aldens

These are my Alden 405 “Indy Boots” that I’ve been wearing for almost seven years now. They are one of the most comfortable and rugged pairs of shoes I have ever worn, and have been all over the US and the world. Sometimes it’s nice to just sit back and appreciate your footwear.

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Battlestar Galactica Advanced Cylon Raider

This is the gorgeous 1:24 Advanced Cylon Raider from Battlestar Galactica, which was offered by Bad Azz Models. This model has been made in the same scale as the original series’ Viper model, so people have agreed that the new series models made in 1:24th scale can be referred to as “Studio Scale”. This was a perfectly engineered model that just flew together, then finished in a half-dozen shades of Allclad metallic paints.

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Maschinen Krieger Tornado (Summer version)

Decals and top gloss coat are done, and the figure for number two is underway!

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Studio Scale The Empire Strikes Back AT-ST

This is a pretty dang accurate recreation I made of the stop-motion AT-ST from The Empire Strikes Back for a client in 2010. This model, as it exists today, is stripped down to almost nothing – the remnants of the details on the head, the metal armature, and the remnants of the feet. I was lucky enough to come into a complete photo survey of the miniature taken sometime after filming, so a small group of like-minded builders dug in, and we identified all of the donor kits that are needed to build the model. This was a rough one, demanding many many donor kits, and a precise (and expensive) machined metal armature. Once painted and weathered, I mounted the model to an acrylic base, posed on one leg, as it’s weight could support the dynamic pose via a metal armature. The base has the label and ESB logo etched into the surface, and the display was finished off with an artistic application of scenic snow. In the coming year, I will build another AT-ST, for my personal collection. I plan to feature a “making of” with that build, so the reader can get a sense of what goes into making these models.

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Welcome to the new website!

Hey gang, it’s been a long busy month! We initiated a roof replacement, replaced a failed car transmission, and two furnace valves. I think we’re just exhausted now, lol. Here’s photos of the deluge we experienced that triggered our decision to get the roof replaced NOW, the leaking furnace situation and replaced valves, a GREAT hand in Infinite Cities, some adorable cat action, decadent food from Clementines, Matsuri, and our New York trip with even more food goodness!

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