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Maschinen Krieger Lunadiver Stingray 1/20th builds

In 2008, I created a master pattern for the Lunadiver Stingray, which you can see here. The instruction guide is in pdf form, and chronicles the first build which I gave to Lincoln Wright to paint for Wonderfestival 2009. His paint work was wonderful and defined the way many would paint the Lunadiver models going forward. Download the guide here. Here are photographs of the models I made from my castings.


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I have been making a concerted effort to right the wrongs in my studio. If you build models, you have them too, and the big one is probably all of those unfinished models that take up space on shelves and in boxes. Well, I made a promise to myself that before I would start yet another NEW project, I would finish the ones that sit neglected and sad. Here is one such model – the homage to the Maschinen Krieger Cerberus that I began in 2007, and that I have not touched for four years. This has the dubious distinction of being shown to Kow Yokoyama, who politely offered a few pointers on what he would do, if this were his model. It’s a rookie fanboy thing to do – throwing your “original” work at the feet of “the master” and asking for feedback. All this is is a riff on something he made in the mid 1980s, so I’m grateful he gave it attention. Maschinen Krieger as a hobby over all is always a little mysterious to the non Japanese, so we take what we can get, and I have been fortunate to have been given a lot over the years. So here is the model as of 2008 – I will update as I begin to work again.

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U.D.K.38 Schenkel

This is the final gallery for the U.D.K.38 Schenkel, built from an absolutely masterful kit from Eddy Murao, a famous Japanese Maschinen Krieger modeler. In order to safely support the weight of the upper body, I hand made each leg from brass tubing that I silver soldered together. It was a lot of extra work, but really worth it. The kit was further modified by scratch building the radar dishes, and adding the laser weapons (with a lasercut mount) to make the “Jungle” configuration. To further add texture, I draped tattered netting with foliage to set the mood.

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1/20 W.H.J. 131 1/20 Grosser Hund Altair from Hasegawa

The W.H.J. 131 Grosser Hund Altair by Hasegawa, available from HobbyLink Japan.

It is my pleasure to review the W.H.J. 131 Grosser Hund Altair in 1/20th scale, by Hasegawa. This is again quite an exciting release, being the Space-based variant of an original late-run SF3D design that was meticulously researched and recreated by Katooo for the Garage Kit scene at Wonderfestival, then adapted for “space” with additional/different parts. Being a resin limited run kit, it always commanded a high price and was extremely rare, so a general release in friendly styrene? It’s a dream come true. It’s also a pretty cool release on a personal level, as I was the first fan to make a “Lunar Großerhund” model, which I was told inspired Kato-san to make the canon design a short time later.

Comparing to the original SF3D Großerhund, it has been completely recreated in the digital world, and “beefed up”. This Großerhund is taller, meaner, and just bigger. Check out the pics below!

HobbyLink Japan has it in stock now, so click the link above and order one or three, now!

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BaltiMa.K. Meat Mk.I

Today we had a little impromptu Maschinen Krieger gathering! Futch and his daughter were in the neighborhood, so Arno came up too. We had a great amount of fun chatting about the hobby that brought us together and shared some tips and tricks, did a half-ass Laser Cutter demo, went into the city for lunch and for a little local flavor, and relaxed in the cool AC. Arno is on his way home now, and the remaining casualties from the epic day are currently putting as much distance between dinner and anything else… it was pretty epic. I made hamburgers with a tequila reduction glaze, and Futch made these insanely addictive Jalapeño Poppers. Not a bad way to spend a Saturday! Thanks, gang! Thanks for everything you do, Lisa!

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Hexamodel’s 1/20th scale Sdh. 232 Sand Stalker

Earlier this year, I started talking to Do Ho Suh, an extraordinary artist, about making masters and casts of Maschinen Krieger models, and what that entails. This conversation was very gratifying, as it reinvigorated me to master a couple of the more daunting Ma.K. designs that I wasn’t feeling the energy to tackle in the intense way I wanted to, and most importantly, eventually ended with what you see here, with Do Ho and his team raising the bar once again in the hobby kit arena. Do Ho had the good fortune of 3D scanning Yokoyama-san’s original model from the 1980s, and converted that exact contour data into a useable digital file. My part in all of this was documenting which kits and specific parts were used in this build (and many thanks to people like Futch, Dr TaK, and Koara-san who help ID these donors for recreating the scratch builds!). Do Ho then set about scaling the model up from the original 1/35th scale to 1/20th in the computer. Here’s where Do Ho’s skill and vision really come into play – he made the correct decision to “upscale” the detail for this model, understanding that when a form is enlarged, it can look simplified if there are larger forms with no fine detail. So, he went to the sources of the donor kits – real world armor and vehicles, to see which details were simplified on the model kits, so that the original more complicated forms could be portrayed in the masters. He also decided to add detail “inside” the model, as the larger voids which were hard to view in 1/35th scale suddenly became viewable in 1/20th. This is why you see ribbing details inside the rear skirt shells. The pattern was printed (rapid prototype), castings were made, and the results are pictured below!

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Maschinen Krieger Lunar PKA

Here’s a model I made a few years back, which was part of the Lunar Diorama in 1/20th scale.

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Wonderfest 2012

Well, another Wonderfest has wrapped up. I always struggle to write down how much this weekend with friends means to me, and I always struggle a little bit in finding adequate words. This year was special. Heck, every year is special, but this year was the one where I got to finally meet some long time web friends in the real world, and some new ones simultaneously. We all share a similar passion, and amazingly, we all got along as if we had been hanging out for years. That is a rare and wonderful thing.

The drive down was done solo, since I had made a special rig for the Blade Runner blimp that I was exhibiting (look for the photo gallery on the blimp in the coming days). I always show up on Thursday evening, so that I can get my bearings and hit Friday morning fresh and energized. I also had been tasked with curating the Maschinen Krieger exhibit for the show, which I think was a great success, and helped raise the awareness level of MaK to an audience that either had never heard of it before, or who knew it in passing. I’d like to personally thank the following people for making this past weekend especially memorable: Kirk, for investing time and money in the MaK and Walter products that were sold at his vendors table. Futch, for being a great roomie, and gobs of fun. Bryan, for being exactly how I thought he’d be – cool, humble, and easy going, while simultaneously just killing it with talent. Arno, for diving in with so many wonderful builds, which really added to the scope of the displays. Jay, for the wonderful conversation and stories, and somehow keeping your girl entertained while we talked about nerd stuff. Rob, for being the perfect WF buddy – it would not be the same if I didn’t see him every year. Dr. Tak, for being crazy-generous with all of the fabulous cash and prizes, hehe. Boyd, for the tremendous effort in STILL attending after his car literally died along the way to Kentucky – they bought a new car, and made it in by midnight, and he was all smiles all weekend long – THAT is dedication I am in awe of. George, Clint, and everyone I see every year – you guys are most of the reason I make sure I attend. Quincy, my ‘ol WF buddy and ace sherpa when it comes to where to go in Louisville – you scored TWO bottles of Pappy Van Winkle for me, and acted like it was no trouble at all – thank you again. Rick, for lugging the ANH Star Destroyer to the show, talking shop, and being a cool cucumber in a sea of questions. Joe, for being so generous with the Star Wars stuff, and being so nice, even when we’re all pretty tired at the end…. We ate a lot of BBQ. We ate a lot of steak. We drank a lot of bourbon and beer, and we stood until we ached.

I drove home at the crack-of-ass on Monday, and I’m still recovering – it was ALL worth it.

See you crazy fuckers next year!!

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Day off!

I took the day off today and here’s some pics.

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Blade Runner Blimp finally gets it’s act together

Last night I finally hooked everything up to the various boards in the blimp. The two video screens and light board are now all active! BEHOLD. 

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